Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fall Vinyard

Fall Vinyard, 10 x 10 inches, palette knife oil.

I recently completed this study in my studio in preparation for a larger work that I hope to take to the COPIA show in Napa at the end of May. Pallete knife work is somehow viscerally satisfying. Colors are cleaner and brighter, and an element of surprise, and a lack of perfect control can lead to a strong, whimsical paint expression. I have completed (almost) the larger work of this one, and will post it tomorrow--it is still a little rough, but maybe that is the nature of the approach.
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Casey Klahn said...

What a fresh study in intensity of color.


Holly Van Hart said...

Hi Ann. i just stumbled across your blog. i'm also a member of the los gatos art association (a new member, i don't think we've met yet). anyway, i love the energy and color in this study. marvelous!

Wendy said...

Ann - I love this painting... have you sold any stuff on ebay recently? are you doing many small scale pics? I've decided to start collecting 6x6 oils, and this one is screaming at me to buy it, even though it isn't 6x6. do let me know. (wendy rhodes klinke - you can reply to me on facebook if you want)