Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Napa Trees, 16 x 18 inches, pastel.

With high summer here, it seems a good time to post this painting that I completed by mining a field sketch. I wrecked the original paintings by fixing it with matte fixative, but I enjoyed the motif. I redid the painting by distilling the motif to the elements that I enjoyed the most. As always, the color harmonies interest me as a pastelist. Pastels lend themselves very well to this sort of experimentation. Here is the original, just for comparison:

As you can see, I zoomed way in, and fiddled the color!

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bob cornelis said...

Beautiful work - I've worked a lot in the past in pastels and have a real appreciation for the medium and those who use it to it's full potential, as you do!

I particularly love the Napa Trees image. Reminds me of some of the work of one of my teachers, Clark Mitchell, who lives in Sonoma County, not far from Napa.

Your work is very inspiring - makes me want to pick up the sticks again. These days I'm doing mostly monoprinting and photography integrated with paintings... Too many ways to make art!